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Cyril Boynes, Jr.


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Director, International Affairs



Cyril Boynes, Jr. was born January 9, 1946 in St. Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands).  He is the oldest of eight boys and two girls born to Cyril and Winifred Boynes.  He left St. Croix at the age of ten years old to join his parents in New York City.  They had migrated to the USA mainland several years earlier.


He finished elementary and junior high school in the South Bronx and graduated from the High School of Music and Art (for gifted students) as a music major.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree from The City University of New York – Hunter College, with a major in Mathematics.  Education and Physics were his minor concentrations.  After graduation, he taught mathematics at Morris High School in the Bronx.  He continued his education as a math fellow at the Courant Institute of Higher Mathematics (NYU) while serving as a math instructor at Queens College (CUNY).


The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) has been the focal point of Cyril’s adult life.  While in College and later as he worked in various educational environments, he was an ardent and committed CORE volunteer.  In 1970, he led a delegation of over 1200 people on a “pilgrimage” to Africa, organized by the National Director of CORE – Roy Innis.  Cyril later became a full time employee of CORE, devoting himself to it's principles of self-reliance.


He has held the positions of Director of Cultural Affairs, Special Assistant to The National Chairman for Media Relations, Editor of CORE magazine and served as a National Board Member.  He is responsible for CORE’s historic consultative status at the United Nations.


Cyril has made multiple visits to over twenty countries in Africa for both personal business and as a C.O.R.E official. During his current tour of duty, he has organized, on behalf of CORE’s chairman, state visits to Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Liberia. He was part of CORE delegations that sought to help attain peace in the Africa region.


His interests and work has taken him virtually all over Europe and as far as China.  Cyril is currently an integral part of CORE’s senior staff, serving as Director of International Affairs and Advisor to CORE’s National Chairman.


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