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Congress of Racial Equality

Board of Directors


Hon. Roy Innis

National Chairman

New York, New York


Mr. Robert Dunn


Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Mr. Joseph. Lovece, Jr.

Special Advisor to the Chairman

New Rochelle, New York


Ms. Alice Collins

Director, Northeast Region

Westchester, New York


James R, Duffy,Esq

Counsel to the Chairman

Long Island, New York


Rev. Eugene Fowler

Board Chaplain

St.Louis, Missouri


Mr. Niger Innis

National Spokesperson

New York, New York



Mr. Clarence Jackson

Director, Southern Region

Miami, Florida


Ms. Mary Alice Jones

Director, Western Region

Los Angeles, California


Raymond G. Leffler, Esq.

General Counsel

New York, New York




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