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Equal Opportunity Affairs



Fighting discrimination & Protecting your rights



Equal Opportunity Affairs is the backbone of the Congress of Racial Equality’s campaign against job discrimination and the other by-products of racism and prejudice in labor, housing, education, and the criminal justice system. Although discrimination is against the law, Black and other minority workers are aware that without strict enforcement, laws alone will have little effect and racist policies will remain unchanged.


With this in mind, CORE has developed a prototype plan--including step-by-step directions on formulation, implementation, and monitoring--to assist employers in selecting qualified and deserving applicants for available positions.



Someone who suspects job discrimination calls CORE to make immediate contact with one of CORE’s team of caseworkers. The caseworker takes notes on the complaint and consults with the entire staff of the EOA department. A call from EOA very often remedies the situation. If further work is necessary, EOA provides the complainant with the name, address and telephone number of the CORE office or anti-discriminatory agency closest to the complainant and with job discrimination specialization most relevant to his/her needs.


CORE’s EOA representatives also work closely with the State and Federal agencies to insure that victims of discrimination have access to the resources to fight back.



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