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Crime Victims/Witness Program



Keeping innocent people from being victimized by the system



CORE chapters from coast to coast have Community Crime Watchers -- volunteers who work with local authorities by reporting crimes in progress and, when possible, move in to stop muggings, auto thefts and other petty street crimes that add to the deterioration of a community. Naturally, extreme caution is used when approaching criminals and all "crime fighters" are trained in proper citizen's arrest procedures, including the use of necessary force to apprehend and subdue fleeing criminals.


On the occasion of a citizen's arrest the authorities are contacted immediately, and the suspect turned over to the police. CORE' s crime fighters' motto is: "LET'S MAKE THE STREET SAFE FOR CITIZENS AND UNSAFE FOR CRIMINALS."


In addition, CORE offers counsel, guidance and social services to crime victims and encourages them to pursue criminal charges against suspected felons. CORE maintains a "Good Samaritan" fund to help defray costs, both legal and medical, that might be incurred by citizens who fight back against crime. One of the biggest problems facing these victims and witnesses of crime is the long and sometimes frustrating criminal justice system they are forced to navigate.


CORE's crime victims/witness program monitors the criminal justice systemís cumbersome procedures, delays in trials and hearings and the unbalanced and unfair treatment of crime victims.


The committee maintains a watchdog eye on the present court system specifically monitoring the process of plea-bargaining that often puts criminals back on the street to threaten and harass their victims.


CORE's criminal justice committee, comprised of volunteer ex-policemen, attorneys, and trained civil rights and criminal investigators, also keeps a close watch on abuses of authority by police and other public officials.



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