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Chairman’s Corner  – Continued from Page 1

  We do not want more handouts from the government to make up for the higher taxes they force on us. We want access to abundant, affordable and reliable energy.      In a nation as blessed with resources and technology and know-how as America, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?

     One group of industry folks in Washington – representing rural electric cooperatives – have even proposed that Congress impose BOTH a cap-and-trade and a carbon tax on its own customers! How does the leadership of consumer-owned utilities justify proposing such an anti-consumer policy?

    They say the need to “buy a seat at the table” of climate negotiations as if providing affordable and reliable energy to more than 40 million Americans each day doesn’t earn them a seat at that table. 

    Ladies and gentlemen, if this is the state of affairs in Washington these days, we need some fresh thinking. We don’t need a cap-and-tax. We don’t need a carbon tax. We need a 3rd way on Climate. What we need government to do is to spark a true technology revolution so that we can grow our way to cleaner energy and low emissions.  We need incentive-based solutions to climate action, not government regulation.     My friend Newt Gingrich describes it this way: "The morning you provide incentives, it’ll be 50,000 entrepreneurs figuring out how to get the money. The morning you try to do it by regulation, there’ll be 50,000 entrepreneurs hiring a lawyer to fight you. It’s a fundamentally different model.”

     My idea for a Third Way is the same path that President John F. Kennedy blazed when he launched his vision of putting a man on the moon. 

    America didn’t achieve that technological leap because of government regulations and mandates.  We achieved it because government gave the incentive to the private sector to develop the technological breakthroughs we needed to succeed. 

   Government worked hand-in-glove with the private sector in a true public-private partnership to build the most complicated machine ever made by man. So, the answer is not government taxes and mandates. 

   Government should provide powerful, long-term incentives to encourage the best and brightest in our nation to develop the technologies needed to produce reliable energy with virtually no emissions.

     Companies that deploy these new technologies should get massive tax incentives for doing so.  The earlier they reduce their emissions, the more of a tax break they should get. If by the year 2020, we haven’t reduced emissions enough, then we can look at government-imposed standards.

     Of course, I think that by the year 2020, the American people are going to wake up to the fact that most of this climate hysteria is just that ... hysteria and we will direct our government leaders to tackle problems that actually make a difference to people – like providing clean water to more of the world’s population, like using science to increase the productivity of our agricultural sector, like eliminating malaria.














   Let me sum up with one simple thought. Today’s extreme environmentalists and it’s corporate and political slaves are equivalent to the old racists. Today’s bigots use “the environment” as an excuse to prevent poor Americans from achieving Martin Luther King’s dream of equal opportunity.

     These people, these politicians, these special interests must be swept into the ash-heap of history just as the Jim Crow was and CORE is committed to doing just that.  We welcome your help and partnership with us. Join us as we keep fighting the good fight to save our country and our civilization. God Bless you and May God bless this great country!

Major CORE Programs


Legal Defense Fund


    CORE’s “Legal Defense Fund” was established to provide legal services to citizens who fought back against criminals and found themselves in a legal “catch-22”.  The fund has successfully defended many victims who were arrested for defending themselves or their families. CORE LDF will continue to assist decent people who find themselves victimized again when they are forced through the justice system that was designed to protect them. 


 Immigration Assistance


      CORE’s long record of assisting the immigrant community and involvement in creating immigration policy, led the US Department of Justice to designate CORE a “National Coordinating Agency” and “Qualified Designated Entity” to assist immigrants in preparing their applications for legal status.  CORE immigration Counseling Centers across the country handle all sorts of immigration problems.

Complaints Department


     As we continue into the second millennium, it is unfortunate that CORE still sees a need to maintain a Complaints Department in order to respond to discrimination in housing, the workplace and denials of civil rights.  However as long as these unlawful abuses are committed, CORE will react with sound legal advice and counseling. 


Financial Literacy Campaign


    In response to the rapidly growing number of “predatory lenders” who target minorities, CORE launched a campaign to educate and inform low-income borrowers about the pros and cons of the various types of lending institutions that exist. Project “FLAC” (Financial Literacy & Awareness Campaign) is currently available in 8 States—NY, NJ, FL, CA, NV, ILL, SC & GA with more to be added in the near future.


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“Civil Rights Boot Camp”


     Responding to incidents of racial polarity and divisiveness, CORE instituted the “Civil Rights Boot Camp” to destroy ethnic stereotypes by exposure and sensitivity training in diversity.  Approximately 100 hours of education and community service are devoted to meaningful interaction with a broad cross selection of individuals and groups in the tri-state area. The program’s history has spanned a wide range of activities varying from manual labor on farms, interviews with Holocaust survivors and research programs in Harlem’s Schomburg Center.  Participants emerge from the program with a new respect and deeper understanding of their fellow man.


How You Can Help!

If you are want to support any of our programs please call :( 212) 598-4000 or Email us at: 

core@core-online.org or visit our website at www.core-online.org



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