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Las Vegas, Nevada

Mortgage Commissioner addresses CORE’s Financial Literacy Seminar

     Nevada State Commissioner of Mortgage Lending, in the Department of Business & Industry Hon. Joseph L. Waltuch was one of the featured speakers at  CORE’s Financial Literacy Seminar in Las Vegas.   

The seminars held at the Texas Station Dallas Conference Center in Las Vegas, are free to the general public and cover a wide range of financial issues including foreclosures, loan modification and investment.  

      Also participating in the seminars is the Chairperson of the Fight Fraud Taskforce, Elisabeth Shurtleff,. The task force created a comprehensive website http://fightfraud.nv.gov to educate consumers about fraud and teach them how to protect themselves against all types of financial schemes. 

   Commissioner Waltuch and Chairperson Shurtleff taught those in attendence how to avoid being taken in by the scam artists that are plaguing Nevada.

       “We chose to address this issue at our seminar because home owners, in particular in North Las Vegas, are being scammed every day.  Many people are not aware that loan modification companies and foreclosure consultants are currently unregulated in the State of Nevada.  This means that anyone can fool home owners into believing they are experts with solutions” said Connie Miranda, Director of CORE’s Western Region. “Many of the home loan scams end with the home owner losing all of their equity” she added.



 Did you know that CORE-the Congress of Racial Equality holds consultative NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) status at the United Nations? CORE was the 1st Civil Rights Organization to be award this status. CORE is currently accredited to the UN Department of Public Information (UN-DPI) and the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). In addition CORE sits on the NGO Board of Directors that oversees all NGO activities at the United Nations.

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Seminar attendees watch video presentation by Elisabeth Shurtleff,

Chairperson of the Nevada Fight Fraud Taskforce

    The State Legislature is currently debating a bill that, if passed, will clarify the term loan modification and will regulate and license loan modification companies.  In the meantime, it is crucial that home owners make every attempt to work directly with their lenders or go to a HUD approved nonprofit counselor

      Since it is widely perceived that the current state of our economy was precipitated by the mortgage crisis, CORE feels that in order for all American citizens to be able to fully enjoy the many opportunities available in our country, they must be  financial literate, knowledgeable of the choices they have & aware of the potential pitfalls that exist. For this reason the organization has brought our Financial Literacy Choice & Awareness campaign to the great state of Nevada. Our free monthly seminars and workshops will be crucial to solving the poverty of information that surrounds the financial world.”

     Seminar/workshop seating is limited. For more information and to reserve space at one of the upcoming events call (702)633-4464 or email info@congressofracialequality.org

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Uganda, East Africa

 CORE-Africa declares War on Malaria 

CORE-Africa recently organized and led a 200 mile march across the East African country of Uganda aimed at bringing attention to the devastation that the killer disease malaria has visited on that country’s women and children. 


Since the early 80s, CORE-Africa has been involved in several campaigns aimed at saving the lives of young children on the continent of Africa. They have worked in various ways to help fight against hunger, disease, hopelessness and the lack of technical resources that has prevented many African nations from developing as rapidly as they should. Once again, CORE-Africa is on the cutting edge—this time fighting to stop the spread of Malaria in Africa.


There have been many successes, such as the massive effort to contain the spread of the HIV-AIDS virus in Africa. Today, new HIV-AIDS cases in Africa are nearly half of what they used to be. CORE-Africa’s Anti-Malaria Campaign seeks to bring the same concentrated and coordinated world-wide effort back together to defeat Malaria.


Malaria is the number one killer of children under the age of five and pregnant women in Africa. In Uganda about 400 lives are lost daily to this preventable disease. Through community driven initiatives and innovative programs, the CORE-Africa Anti-Malaria Campaign focuses on making the grassroots people, in the villages as well as urban centers, more aware of malaria, how it is contracted, its cure, and prevention. Through our efforts, the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international bodies have thrown their support behind the use of DDT, the most effective weapon in the anti-Malaria arsenal.


      Join us to confront and defeat Africa’s latest killer disease.  Together we can “roll back” Malaria. Call our Anti-Malaria hotline (800) 439-CORE (2673) for information.

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