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Fairness in Media




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         Mass media is involved in a dangerous practice of censoring the voices of reason and decency in America. They choose, instead, to carry only the comments of those individuals whose primary objective is to incite and encourage division--because, according to them "it sells newspapers."


         This kind of monopoly on what is "news that's fit to print" is dangerous and contrary to the American ideal of fairness, accuracy and equal access. It is a gross distortion and abuse of the spirit and intent of the 1st amendment of the United States Constitution which guarantees all Americans the  "Freedom of Speech".  If allowed to go un-challenged,  the effect that this kind of invidious censorship can have on our country would be devastating.


         CORE and our National Chairman, Roy Innis, have been victims of this censorship.  Press releases and statements we make on critical issues, such as racial harmony and tolerance, are ignored by the media. Instead, they choose to exclusively carry the race baiters and haters who seek to fan the fires with abusive and irresponsible rhetoric.  This kind of exclusive access to the mass media gives the world the impression that all in our community think their way when just the opposite is true.  


         CORE has begun a campaign to break the media's censorship on the voices of reason in Black America. Join us by sending an e-mail message to the press.  Click the envelope below to open up direct links to the e-mail addresses of  editors and producers of  some of  New York's most important media outlets. Clicking on the links will open up your browser so that you can include your comments in the e-mail.  Send as many as you want, as often as you want. Together we will win.




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