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For Immediate Release:

April 2, 2009


         Contact: Niger Innis

(212) 598-4000


Congress of Racial Equality Partners with

National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

to Spread Financial Literacy



The Congress of Racial Equality is pleased to announce the dramatic expansion of its Financial Literacy, Choice and Awareness campaign (FLCA), with our new partnership with the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC). The NHCLC is one of the largest and most prestigious religious organizations serving 15 million Latino Evangelicals nationwide.

NHCLC is currently engaged in its Financial Stewardship initiative to promote financial literacy and empowerment for its constituents around the country. The NHCLC's efforts to promote Financial Literacy mirror and complement CORE's efforts to do the same nationally. The new partnership will both strengthen and reinforce said efforts of both organizations during a critical time for our nation. Promoting financial literacy and the preservation of viable financial options for disadvantaged communities is always a laudable endeavor. During our country's current economic crisis, this laudable endeavor has become a fierce and urgent necessity.

These efforts to promote financial literacy and choice would not be as successful without the partnership of various sectors of the Financial Service Industry; in particular the Community Financial Service Association (CFSA). CFSA's continued assistance of CORE's FLCA campaign and CORE's counsel and engagement with CFSA has simultaneously helped preserve needed financial services for the community and strengthen consumer protections. This expanded endeavor could not come at a better time for working class families. We thank CFSA for its support and friendship.

CORE is a long time supporter of financial literacy. We believe that people should be able to make their own financial decisions and that they are best able to do that when they are educated and given accurate information. It is for these reasons, that in 2005 CORE initiated its FLCA campaign to educate the public about various financial choices as well as the opportunities and pitfalls associated with those choices.

CORE held it's first of a series of FLCA campaign seminars in Nevada, addressing the mortgage crisis. The Nevada Commissioner of Mortgage Lending, Joseph Waltuch, spoke to the audience on how to avoid fraud in foreclosures and loan modifications. These continuing seminars will be held in various states nationwide and will tackle the numerous financial concerns for working class families across the country.


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