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Financial Literacy Seminar



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For Immediate Release:

March 21, 2009


Contact: Connie Miranda

(702) 633-4464


Nevada Mortgage Commissioner to address

CORE’s Financial Literary Campaign Seminar




Nevada State Commissioner of Mortgage Lending, Hon. Joseph L. Waltuch will speak at the Congress of Racial Equality’s (CORE) Financial Literacy Campaign Seminar.


CORE will hold the first of their Free Monthly Financial Literacy Seminars on Tuesday, March 31st 7:30 PM at the Texas Station Dallas Conference Center in Las Vegas, NV.


This month’s seminar will cover Foreclosure and Loan Modification. Opening remarks will be given by Elisabeth Shurtleff, Chairperson of the Fight Fraud Taskforce. They have created an extremely comprehensive website http://fightfraud.nv.gov to educate consumers about fraud and teach them how to protect themselves.


Shurtleff will then introduce, the Hon. Joseph L. Waltuch, Nevada’s Commissioner of the Division of Mortgage Lending in the Department of Business and Industry. With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, Waltuch will teach attendees how to avoid being taken in by the scam artists that are plaguing our state.


“We chose to address this issue at the seminar because home owners, in particular in North Las Vegas, are being scammed every day.  Many people are not aware that loan modification companies and foreclosure consultants are currently unregulated in the State of Nevada.  This means that anyone can fool home owners into believing they are experts with solutions to home foreclosures,” said Connie Miranda, Director of CORE’s Western Region. “Many of the home loan scams end with the home owner losing all of their equity.”


“The State Legislature Assembly Bill 152 is currently being debated.  If passed, the legislation will clarify the term loan modification and will regulate and license loan modification companies.  In the meantime, it is crucial that home owners make every attempt to work directly with their lenders or go directly to a HUD approved nonprofit counselors,” continued Miranda.


“Considering the current state of our economy was precipitated by the mortgage crisis, CORE feels that financial literacy, choice & awareness are critical for all Americans and without them they can not fully enjoy all of the blessings of our country,” stated Niger Innis, CORE’s National Spokesman. “We are very happy to bring our Financial Literacy Choice & Awareness campaign to the great state of Nevada. Our monthly seminars and workshops will be free to the public and crucial to solving the poverty of information that surrounds the financial world.”


CORE’s Financial Literacy, Choice & Awareness Campaign (FLCA) is nationwide and will be hosting similar seminars in various states throughout the year.


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