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Coretta Scott King



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For Immediate Release:

February 5, 2006


Contact: Corrine Innis

(212) 598-4000


CORE Mourns Death of Coretta Scott King




Roy Innis, the National Chairman of CORE, mourns the loss of Coretta Scott King, the widow of slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Upon hearing of Coretta’s death, Mr. Innis stated that she would always be remembered for exemplifying strength, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity.


He referred to Mrs. King as a great matriarch of the Civil Rights Movement. “Since the death of  her husband in l968, she never wavered from her commitment to continue  his struggle against racism in the United States. She became the nation's link to his ideals and beliefs ”.


Innis and a delegation from CORE will attend the funeral services for Mrs. King on February 7, 2006 in Atlanta.


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