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Innis Tours Liberia


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For Immediate Release:

July 7, 2003


Contact: Cyril Boynes, Jr.

(212) 598-4000


CORE Chairman Roy Innis

applauds President Bush's trip to Africa


Calls for U.S. intervention to help end the crisis in Liberia




NEW YORK, NY - As President Bush prepares to leave for Africa, where he plans to promote his administration's $15 billion dollar effort to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS on the continent, Roy Innis, National Chairman of CORE made a statement pressing the president to take action in war-torn Liberia.

President Bush, the third American president to tour the continent of Africa, plans to also highlight successful efforts being made in areas of trade and political reform.  The president's tour will cover the countries of Senegal, South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria and Botswana. 

Innis feels that this unprecedented and historic event symbolizes the shifting relationship between the U.S., the international community and the continent of Africa.  However, he noted that in light of the global war on terror and the diplomatic problems surrounding the Iraq War that the U.S. now more than ever should deploy forces and engage directly with America's only former African colony. 

Liberia, whose government, judicial systems, flag and currency mirrors the U.S., has been strife ridden since a recent insurgence of  rebel opposition groups.  Earlier this year, Innis led a CORE delegation to Liberia to investigate the severity of the humanitarian and ecological needs of the nation. [See Attached Photos]

Innis was quoted, "America which has historic ties with Liberia, is presented the opportunity to shepherd Liberia into a stable democracy, promoting humanitarian needs and good will amongst all African people.


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