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Healthcare Awareness Festival


P R E S S   R E L E A S E


For Immediate Release:

May 8, 2005


Contact: Cyril Boynes, Jr.

(212) 598-4000


CORE & Together Rx form partnership;

initiate extensive healthcare awareness program


CORE & Together Rx address community’s need for awareness regarding affordable and available medical treatments


CORE National Chairman, Roy Innis, comes full circle

in solving the problem of “poverty of information”



          New York, New York- The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and Together Rx will be hosting an extensive healthcare awareness campaign called “Health is Wealth.”  A lack of knowledge exists about drugs and treatments, in terms of what is affordable and available.  Roy Innis, National Chairman of CORE, calls this a “poverty of information.”  This is devastating to many communities, as people do not recognize the medical breakthroughs that occur everyday and how these new drugs can help ailing populations. 


Mr. Innis will be coming full circle after graduating as a medical researcher and returning to this field as a civil rights figurehead.  CORE and Together Rx will revolutionize the medical industry by bolstering communication between health professionals and the community.  Mr. Innis said that health and the right to information about health and medical treatment is a fundamental human right.


The campaign will be kicked off at the annual CORE Street Festival – dubbed a “Healthcare Awareness Festival”.  It will take place on August 9th, 2003 on 7th Avenue between 57th and 44th Street, Times Square, the heart of the theater district. Together Rx and CORE will be working hand in hand commencing the process of information dissemination.  The program is designed to be mutually beneficial to both public and private medical industries.  Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, HMOs, and medical boards are needed in this massive collaborative effort to fight this “poverty of information.”  Health organizations can represent themselves with public booths, packets, and answers to general and specific questions. 


Lower income individuals will no longer be lost in terms of finding solutions for their health inquiries.  Both CORE and Together Rx hope that these measures will lay foundations for a more healthy and powerful community.


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