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World Conference



All Sessions will convene in Conference Room 4 on the Lower Level


Opening Session - 10:00 AM


Hon. Roy Innis - National Chairman, CORE

Dr. Decio Ripandelli - Deputy Director, ICGEB

H.E. Aminu Bashir Wali - Ambassador, Nigeria

Dr. Norman Borlaug - Nobel Laureate



ISAAA Report on

lobal Adoption Numbers for 2004

Presented by


Chairman, International Service for the Acquisition

of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA)



Session 1- 11:00 AM - Impact of Biotechnology


ChairmEn:      H.E. Mohd Isa Rastam,  Malasia

                                           MR.  Bruno van der Pluijm, Belgium

ModeratorS: Dr. Herb London - President,

The Hudson Institute

                                               MR. Deroy Murdock - Columnist



Sujatha Sankula, PhD - Director of Biotechnology,

                              National Center of Food & Agricultural Policy, DC

Carl Pray, PhD - Professor, Rutgers University

Richard Bennett, PhD - Reading University, UK

Stephen Morse, PhD - Reading University, UK

Ms. Florence Chenoweth - Director, FAO


Session 2- 12:00 Noon - Biotech Regulations


ChairmEn:      H.E. Baki Ilkin, Turkey

                                            DR. DECIO RIPANDELLI, Italy


Bio Sciences, Columbia University





Dr. Don MacKenzie - Exec. Vice Pres., AGBIOS, Canada

Bruce Chassy, PhD - Dean, Food Safety & Regulatory

Systems, University of Illinois

Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, PhD - Director,

Economics & Management, Agrobiotechnology Center

Mr. Jacques Coicaud - Dir., United Nations University


Luncheon - 1:00 PM - Future Trends


ModeratorS: Mr. Cyril Boynes, Jr. - Director

International Affairs, CORE

                                 MR. NIGER INNIS - National

Spokesman, CORE


Presentation by

Dr. Timothy Connor

Senior Director, Oilseeds & Food Technology

Monsanto Company

Dr. Norman Borlaug - Nobel Laureate

Video - CORE's fact-finding trip to Africa

Session 3- 3:00 PM

Lessons From The Farm


ChairmEn:      H.E. Aminu Bashir Wali, Nigeria

                                            Hon. Madelyn Spirnak, Senior     

Advisor, Agricultural Biotechnology, U.S Department of State

Moderator: Mr. BILL FLISS - President,

Heartland Consulting




Mr. Earnest Larry - Farmer, Arkansas

Mr.  jayapal Reddy soletti - Chairman, Indian

Federation of Farmers, India

Dr. Norman Borlaug - Nobel Laureate


Session 4- 3:45 PM - Ethics & Access


ChairmEn:         H.E. s. Hackett, Barbados

                                               H.E. IRENA ZUBCEVIC, Croatia

ModeratorS: Dr. boB GOLDBERG - Manhattan

Institute for Policy Research

                                               MR. PAUL DREISSEN - Author




Gary L. Comstock, PhD - Dir. of Ethics Program

                              North Carolina State University

Paul B. Thompson, PhD - Professor, Agricultural

Ethics,  Michigan State University

Dr. Albert Ayeni - Professor, Rutgers University

Mr. Youssef Sabri - Dep. Director, UNIDO, NYLO



Session 5- 5:00 PM - Intellectual Properties


ChairmEn:         H.E. Teruneh zenna, Ethiopia

                                               MR.  Jose briz,  Guatamala

ModeratorS: Mr. JULIAN MORRIS - Director,

International Policy Network





Ed vasallo, ESQ. , JD ,MA, BS.- Partner, Fitzpatrick,

Cella, Harper & Scinto



Closing Remarks - 5:45 PM


ModeratorS: Mr. Cyril Boynes, Jr. - Director

International Affairs, CORE

                                               MR. NIGER INNIS - National

Spokesman, CORE


MR. GERALD STEINER - Executive Vice President,




Special Thanks

to all those who helped to make

this event possible


* * * * * *

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