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King Holiday 2009 Photo Album


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CORE Executive Director, George Holmes, introduces the Dais Guests

Legendary Recording Group, The Delphonics, performed "Lift Every Voice & Sing"

The USO "Liberty Bells" performed the "National Anthem"

President of the American Jewish Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education, Rabbi J. Hecht, gave the invocation

Legendary Crooner, Pat Boone, served as "Master of Ceremonies"

CORE Executive Director, George Holmes, introduces the Dinner Chairman, Joseph Lovece, Jr.

Dinner Chairman, Joeseph Lovece, Jr., welcomes guests

Dinner Chairman, Joseph Lovece, Jr. presents Obama Commemorative Medallions to David Goodman and Ben Chaney

Dinner Chairman, Dr. Herbert London, welcomes guests to event

More than 2,000 people filled the imperial Ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel for the event

Roy Innis, presents posthumous awards to CORE workers slain by kkk- James Chaney, Andy Goodman & Mickey Schwerner. Brothers of Chaney & Goodman accept

Ben Chaney, brother of James Chaney, accepts award on behalf of the Chaney family

David Goodman, brother of Andy Goodman, introduces video message from President Barack Obama

CORE National Spokesperson, Niger Innis, introduces CORE Chairman, Roy Innis

CORE Chairman Roy Innis receives standing ovation

CORE Chairman, Roy Innis, addresses the audience

Former Senator and 1972 Democratic Party Nominee for President of the U.S. George McGovern receives "Public Service" award from Roy Innis & Pat Boone

Former Senator, George McGovern accepts 2008 King Holiday "Public Service" award

Senator George McGovern addresses audience

Wall Street Analyst, Charles Payne, receives the 2008 King Holiday Award for "Outstanding Achievement"

Wall Street Analyst, Charles Payne, accepts 2008 King Holiday Award for "Outstanding Achievement"

CORE Chairman, Roy Innis, welcomes Independent Party Leader, Dr. Lenora Falani, to the event

James Fox, President of The 60 Plus Club and Chairman of Sullivan County CORE and the first African-American Mayor of Monticello, NY, Gordon Jenkins

Ben Chaney shows special President Obama Commemorative Medallion he received at 2009 King Holiday Award Dinner

Legendary singing group, The Delphonics, enjoy the dinner

Legendary Singer, Pat Boone with former Senator George McGovern and CORE Chairman, Roy Innis

(l-r) CORE Executive Director, George Holmes, David Goodman; Master of Ceremonies, Pat Boone, Dinner Chairman, Joe Lovece, and Ben Chaney

(l-r) CORE Chairman Roy Innis; Andy Goodman's brother, David Goodman, Dinner Chairman, Dr. Hebert London; James Chaney's brother, Ben Chaney

Roy Innis greets Independent Party Leader, Lenora Falani, and AJC leader, Howard Teich

"Outstanding Achievement" recipient, Charles Paynes, admires King Holiday Award

The USO "Liberty Bells" entertain guests during dinner

Legendary Jazz Mucisian, Roy Ayers, with CORE officials Angelique Beverly and George Holmes

Guest watch Pat Boone's music video tribute to Dr.King -- "I had a Dream"



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